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Broken key Removal

Struggling with a broken key that’s stuck in the lock? A broken off key not only makes it unfit for future use, but renders the lock unworkable.

The good news is, depending on how much of the key is stuck in the lock, you should be able to do a simple DIY broken key extraction.

Get a broken key out of a lock
How to get stuck or broken keys out of the lock?

A professional locksmith would use a narrow, barbed tool that is specifically designed to extract a key, but the blade of a jigsaw or scroll saw is equally effective. Here’s how to extract a key from a lock—the DIY way.

Start by spraying penetrating oil into the keyhole to loosen it up a little. This is very helpful, especially if you were having problems turning the key in the lock before. The next step is to look at how much of the key is left in the lock. If the part that you’re holding still has some cuts, and the key broke in the middle, the lock might still be aligned to pull the key in and out.
If the part that you’re holding has no cuts, you may have turned the key part way before it broke off. In this case, insert a screwdriver into the lock, then turn it back to its vertical position.
Get a needle-nosed pliers and insert the tip of it into the keyhole. Reach for the key and try to get a firm grip before pulling it out. This technique is for a key that broke off at its head with all the cuts still inside the lock. If you’re unable to pull out the key, remove the pliers and set them aside.

Next, slide the blade of a jigsaw or scroll saw into the keyhole, allowing the teeth to point downward. Push it way down until you feel the teeth of the blade clutch the cuts on the key. Pull the blade out of the keyhole. You should see the broken key come out with the blade.

Broken key removal
Broken key removal

Don’t have access to the right tools?
If you’re not able to do the steps above because all your tools are locked inside, look to see where the key broke off. If only half of it broke off and you have the other end in your hand, no one will be able to pick the lock while you’re gone to look for tools.

However, if the key cuts are still in the lock, anyone can get it out with a screwdriver, so have someone you trust guard the lock while you’re gone. Another option is to find something flat and narrow to turn the lock so you’re able to get inside to access your tools.

While this looks like a very simple process, it is, but only for someone who has the patience and the will to go on. Acquiring the services of a mobile locksmith is your next alternative. This would only take a few minutes to complete, plus you’ll have the assurance that the job was professionally done. Most locksmiths also offer a full guarantee to go with their services, so you can always call them back in case you’re not satisfied after they’ve left.

Lock installation 101

Getting a new lock installed is a good way to enhance the appearance of the door, plus tighten up on security, especially if you just moved into a new house. Installing a new lock takes special skills and tools, and depends on the type of lock you want to install.

Deadbolt lock installation
When installing a deadbolt lock, check to see if your door has a steel-clad or wood trim. If the door has a steel-clad edge, search for a plastic piece that covers the area.

If it has a wooden edge, install the lock in the same manner as you would with an all-wood door.

Cut the plastic and look for marks on it—the marks represent different size bolts. Pick the correct size, and cut through with a utility knife. Mark the holes and drill through the face of the door. When it’s almost there, drill through the opposite side of the door to make an even finish.

After that’s done, drill into the jamb and chisel out the strike-plate area and secure it with screws. Install the latch, bolt, and cylinder into the hole, and drill on the edge, after which you’ll screw in the bolts.

This process is not fine turned in details, but the idea is there. This is a technical process and it requires the right tools and patience to get the job done right. A residential locksmith is the right person to contact, because these technicians are fully equipped with all the necessary tools, the know-how, and patience to get it done.

Electronic door lock installation
This is also a very difficult one to set up. The installation depends on the exact model of the electronic door lock you have. Most of the units install into a cylindrical-lock bore (instead of a deadbolt or normal knobset), with another hole or two to keep it firm.

Again, this requires expert skills to get it done properly.

Brands of Locks
There are many brands of locks available on the market, including high security ones. Below are some the high security locks most locksmiths install.

Schlage locks
There are two types: Primus and Medeco. The Primus system is very secure and involves a sidebar or (secondary locking system) on the side of the key which lifts and rotates the additional pins, plus a normal pin tumbler lock.

Medeco are very similar to standard pin tumblers. They are primarily used on low-security doors in a high security system, and offered as low cost cylinders. Look for the logo or engraving on the surface to mark them as they look similar to high security cylinder locks.

Kwikset Locks
This is a completely un-bumpable type of lock, which operates in a completely different way, even though it uses the same keys as normal locks.

It is very pick resistant and includes force resistant countermeasures that makes it a very durable lock.

Baldwin locks
A Baldwin lock is made of solid construction knobs, deadbolts, levers, and handlesets. The knobs and levers are manufactured with a casted zinc material and the handlesets are constructed of solid forged brass, which makes them very durable and long lasting.

There is a whole lot more to lock installation that you as an ordinary person, will not understand. Lock installation is a multistep process, which is not hard, but requires a bit of technical knowledge as well as a screwdriver and a few other basic tools.

It’s best to get the assistance of a professional locksmith to get the right finish.

How to Unlock a Car With Your Phone

Have you lost your car keys and cannot drive right away? Luckily, there is a superb solution to this uncomfortable situation besides calling an automotive locksmith service. If you have a cell-phone at hand, you can easily unlock your car with a smartphone! How is it possible? Let us find that out below!

General Instructions

The ability to open a car with a cell-phone is surely a great benefit. This, however, refers to those vehicles that can be opened with a remote or a key fob. Listed below are a few steps you should follow to make it a success:

If your family members or friends have access to the spare remote in your dwelling, hurry up to call them and ask to get the remote. Have you locked your cell-phone in your car as well? Then ask someone to give you a telephone for a few minutes.
Take your telephone and hold it a foot away from your vehicle, while the person on the phone presses the unlock button on the remote. Ask the person your talk to to hold the remote near the cell-phone as well.
Wait for a few seconds and your car will surely unlock!
That’s it! As you see, the technology is quite simple and anyone can take advantage of using it in case of emergency.

Technical Background

You do not need to install any application on your phone or buy any extra devices to make the system work. The secret is about the radio waves that are transmitted to your car via the cell-phone!

There is one important notice, however, you should bear in mind when using this method. To make the system work, you should stay not far from your car. The thing is that many remotes work in the 400-500 feet radius. Some of them, however, may work pretty well in half a mile or more if there are no barriers between the telephone and the remote, and if the weather is nice.

Some keyless entry remotes, by the way, transmit waves that are easily picked up by cell-phones. As far as most remotes transmit signals in the range of 800 MHz and smartphones work in the 300 MHz range, you should keep these items as close as possible to make the system work!

Alternative Breaking in DIY Methods

There are other simple methods you can use to unlock the car in case of emergency. For example, you may take care of this issue in advance by installing a special application on your telephone. Nothing special is required to unlock car with phone app. You just have to install the app and learn how to use it correctly. This allows you replacing your car keys or key fobs, which is really very convenient. By the way, car manufacturers offer numerous applications to match your vehicle, so there are many variants you can choose from.

Another DIY solution to the problem is unlocking a car with a durable string. If you have it at hand, you just have to tie a slipknot, fit it into the doorjamb, slide it down over the car door lock and lift it back up! This is definitely a superb technique that must work in any situation!

Professional Alternatives

Apart from solutions mentioned above, you can always address the Albuquerque Locksmith Service. We use reliable methods and techniques that always ensure the best result. We also employ skilled, experienced and well-trained locksmiths able to work in stressful situations. We also operate round-the-clock, which means that you can count on us 24/7!

Car Ignition Solutions

Do you own a car and drive around the city? If yes, then you should be someone who knows something about car ignition problems. Read on to be more informed.

The first step to solving a car ignition problem is knowing that there is actually a problem. Yes, you have to be a person who knows something about car ignition problems.

Once you know the problem, then you should have the right solution to it.

Here are two car ignition solutions:

Get an early key replacement– If your car key already looks worn out, then having a new key made will solve this problem. It is not good to wait until the ignition key is totally worn out. Early key replacement will prevent your key and lock from being more damaged, which will save you cash in the long run.

Key and tumbler assembly replacement– If solution number one does not work, then this is the next step. Availing a key and tumbler assembly replacement is not really an expensive solution although some people think it is. There are also companies that offer replacement kits with instructions and tools.

Just remember these two solutions, so you will know what to do in case your ignition gets faulty.

When you experience any of these three things, and you cannot solve the car ignition concern on your own you can do one more thing. Try calling an auto locksmith.

The best auto locksmith to handle your car ignition related concerns are the ones from locksmith near me.

These auto lock techs have received proper amount of training on any type of security concern on cars.

Spotting Car Ignition Problems

A car owner in Albuquerque should know when something is wrong with his car’s ignition. Know how to tell through reading this month’s news.

There are different automotive lock and key concerns that a driver in Albuquerque can face. One would be things that concern the ignition.

Knowing when something is wrong with a car ignition is very important because not noticing it can pose a threat to your security. it can also cause other problems to the car.

Here are things that can get wrong about car ignitions.

Spark plug is not sparking. This sounds ironic, and this is why it is a clear sign that something is wrong with your ignition. Before taking your car to an auto security expert, try doing a self check first. Get a cotton cloth first to clean the ignition. Then, try if the car will start. If it does not, call an expert on car ignitions.

Heating up of steering column and ignition switch. This happens when these two parts start to rust. There is no band aid solution to this. Once you encounter this problem with your ignition, it is time to replace it.

The engine overheats. This car ignition problem originates when the car’s coolant can no longer control the heat emitted by the engine. Make it a habit to check if your car’s cooling system is functioning well.

Once you already know that there is a problem with the car ignition, just remember that there are solutions to them.

Additionally, you may check some problems with won’t-start symptoms on site

One ultimate solution is to call a car locksmith. And to be sure, contact someone from Albuquerque Locksmith.

This is a licensed and bonded locksmith who can deliver high quality locksmith services 24/7.

So anytime you need help with your car ignition, you know what to do.

Prevent Burglary

This month, find out what Albuquerque residents can do to prevent burglars from breaking into their homes. Read this news to also find out what home lock services are available here in the city.

When do you usually think about home safety and how you can prevent burglary?

This is a common question, but the more important thing to ask is how do you actually avoid being attacked by burglars?

Here are some ways to prevent burglary:

Prevent burglary when you make sure to lock doors and windows each time you go out. It follows that you bring your keys with you wherever you go, even if you will only be gone shortly.

Prevent burglary when you do not leave your car or house keys near open doors or windows.

Prevent burglary when you install deadlocks and a burglary alarm.

Prevent burglary when you keep all your valuable things in a safe place. As much as possible, do not keep a large amount of money at home.

Prevent burglary when you put a security mark on your most valuable belongings.

Prevent burglary when you do not make it obvious if no one is home. You can use light timers.

Truth is, you should be after home safety at all times.

It is also true that lock and keys that are maintained really help a lot in preventing burglary.

Additionally, we strongly recommend read Tips for Preventing Identity Theft

This does not have to be complicated, especially if you live here in the city. You and your family members can work together for this. Brief the household to make sure that everyone practices and anti burglary measures mentioned above.

Plus, you can always get extra help from the residential lock techs of locksmith in Albuquerque with lock and key concerns.

How To Spot a Fast Locksmith

How do you think can a lock technician be considered as a fast locksmith?

Read about it in our featured news.

A fast locksmith is just what we all want to respond to us during a security situation, such as a car lockout.

You also want a fast locksmith to give you a lock rekey.

And while all security companies in Albuquerque can say they have fast locksmiths, there are only a few who can send you one.

How is a locksmith able to give fast response?

The locksmith has to be near you. The fact that it sounds very obvious, does not mean that it’s not extremely important. Such factors as traffic conditions do have an impact on one’s ability to get from one place to another, but we have done everything possible to make it easy for our technicians to reach any place in the metro area very fast.

The locksmith has to have 24/7 operations. You can never know when something will go wrong. It’s natural not to be willing to think about troubles, until they become reality. Those who provide solutions for unexpected problems, should be able to reach their customers all the time, and these are the locksmith companies that should be trusted, especially if you need a service in the middle of the night.

The locksmith has to have the professional gear. The locksmith has to have the things he needs for the job. This can help him do it faster is to have the right tools.

Our company, Albuquerque Locksmith, is not only a home of locksmiths. We are a home of fast locksmiths.

We always make sure that our mobile locksmiths are spread all over the city.

Aside from that, we maintain an average response time of 20 minutes from the moment you call us.

You can always feel confident that help is on the way after you talk to one of our dispatchers.

Preventing a House Unlock Service

Are you thinking of ways to prevent availing a house unlock service? Let this month’s news give you ways.

There are many reasons that make us call a residential locksmith for a house unlock service. It can be because we left the keys inside the house. It can also be because we dropped the keys somewhere.

Help is readily available during a house lockout. All you need is to call a home locksmith.

But, it is certainly more convenient, if you will not have to face this lock issue.

Here are some tips to avoid getting house unlock service:

Avoid house unlock service by having an extra key– Keeping a spare key does help avoid getting a house unlock service. Just remember to bring the spare key with you, each time you leave the house.

Avoid house unlock service by asking another person to keep a spare key– This is another tip that will work if you will give the spare key to someone whom you can trust. He should also be a person who can always come over to hand you the keys when you get locked out.

Avoid house unlock service by keeping your focus– Keep your focus at all times so that you will not encounter the need for a house unlock service. You just need to make it a habit to check if you have your keys with you before you lock the door.

Just in case you still need faced a house lockout and you would need to get the services of a residential locksmith, better call one from locksmith Albuquerque.

The residential locksmiths of this company can respond to you in as fast as 20 minutes, after your call. The one who attends to your request will make sure that your house will be opened safely.

How to Choose an Auto Locksmith

Are you about to hire an auto locksmith? Know how to choose an auto locksmith before you make that call.

An auto locksmith is the first person that comes to mind when you are in a car security scenario. You might be in a rush, but you still need to make sure that you are calling someone who can really help you.

What should you do in choosing an auto locksmith?

Try the following:

Ask for referrals– Your friends who have experienced being in a car security situation and have actually called an auto locksmith can help you. You can ask them about their experience and from there, you can have an idea on who to call.

Make sure the auto locksmith has a license– All kinds of locksmith are mandated by law to have a license. It somehow assures you that this person has undergone proper training for all sorts of car locksmith services. It guarantees that the auto locksmith that you will get is a person you can depend on during emergency situations, such as a car lockout problem in the middle of nowhere.

Look for company affiliations– While not all independent car locksmiths are unreliable, it is generally wiser to call an auto locksmith affiliated with a locksmith company. There can be a lot of advantages in doing so. First, you are again more guaranteed that the car locksmith will be reliable because he is a representative of a company. Other perks that you will get are fast response time and the use of complete tools and equipment.

Be sure on the auto locksmith that you will get by calling one from locksmith in Albuquerque.

This company has licensed and bonded car techs ready to serve the car owners of Albuquerque.

Auto Locksmith Traits

Auto locksmiths should possess certain qualities that will make you want to hire them. This month’s news will tell you exactly what they are.

You are about to get on your car to go to an important meeting. That is when you realized that you left the keys inside your car.

You know just exactly what to do. You grab your phone and call the first auto locksmith service provider that comes to mind.

Hold it right there!

You better make sure that you hire an auto locksmith that really fit the bill.

Look for the following traits in your auto locksmith.

Competent– This refers to the auto locksmith’s the ability to do a specific job properly. Every auto locksmith should actually possess this. Unfortunately, not all auto locksmiths possess this. Knowing what to do and how to do it are two different things. The auto locksmith you will call should have both skills. For instance, he should know what to do if you called about an ignition problem –repair or replace it. The auto locksmith should also know how to repair or replace the ignition. Never go for an auto locksmith who seems unsure of what is supposed to be done.

Efficient– There is a lot of effective auto locksmiths, but not all of them are efficient. An effective auto locksmith gets the job done. On the other hand, an efficient locksmith does the job without wasting resources, like parts or time. In other words, an efficient locksmith gets the auto locksmith service you requested, on time!

Competency and efficiency are two qualities that every auto locksmith of Albuquerque Locksmith possess.

These traits make them very popular to the car owners of Albuquerque. We have our repeat customers to attest.

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