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Lock installation 101

Getting a new lock installed is a good way to enhance the appearance of the door, plus tighten up on security, especially if you just moved into a new house. Installing a new lock takes special skills and tools, and depends on the type of lock you want to install.

Deadbolt lock installation
When installing a deadbolt lock, check to see if your door has a steel-clad or wood trim. If the door has a steel-clad edge, search for a plastic piece that covers the area.

If it has a wooden edge, install the lock in the same manner as you would with an all-wood door.

Cut the plastic and look for marks on it—the marks represent different size bolts. Pick the correct size, and cut through with a utility knife. Mark the holes and drill through the face of the door. When it’s almost there, drill through the opposite side of the door to make an even finish.

After that’s done, drill into the jamb and chisel out the strike-plate area and secure it with screws. Install the latch, bolt, and cylinder into the hole, and drill on the edge, after which you’ll screw in the bolts.

This process is not fine turned in details, but the idea is there. This is a technical process and it requires the right tools and patience to get the job done right. A residential locksmith is the right person to contact, because these technicians are fully equipped with all the necessary tools, the know-how, and patience to get it done.

Electronic door lock installation
This is also a very difficult one to set up. The installation depends on the exact model of the electronic door lock you have. Most of the units install into a cylindrical-lock bore (instead of a deadbolt or normal knobset), with another hole or two to keep it firm.

Again, this requires expert skills to get it done properly.

Brands of Locks
There are many brands of locks available on the market, including high security ones. Below are some the high security locks most locksmiths install.

Schlage locks
There are two types: Primus and Medeco. The Primus system is very secure and involves a sidebar or (secondary locking system) on the side of the key which lifts and rotates the additional pins, plus a normal pin tumbler lock.

Medeco are very similar to standard pin tumblers. They are primarily used on low-security doors in a high security system, and offered as low cost cylinders. Look for the logo or engraving on the surface to mark them as they look similar to high security cylinder locks.

Kwikset Locks
This is a completely un-bumpable type of lock, which operates in a completely different way, even though it uses the same keys as normal locks.

It is very pick resistant and includes force resistant countermeasures that makes it a very durable lock.

Baldwin locks
A Baldwin lock is made of solid construction knobs, deadbolts, levers, and handlesets. The knobs and levers are manufactured with a casted zinc material and the handlesets are constructed of solid forged brass, which makes them very durable and long lasting.

There is a whole lot more to lock installation that you as an ordinary person, will not understand. Lock installation is a multistep process, which is not hard, but requires a bit of technical knowledge as well as a screwdriver and a few other basic tools.

It’s best to get the assistance of a professional locksmith to get the right finish.

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