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How to Unlock a Car With Your Phone

Have you lost your car keys and cannot drive right away? Luckily, there is a superb solution to this uncomfortable situation besides calling an automotive locksmith service. If you have a cell-phone at hand, you can easily unlock your car with a smartphone! How is it possible? Let us find that out below!

General Instructions

The ability to open a car with a cell-phone is surely a great benefit. This, however, refers to those vehicles that can be opened with a remote or a key fob. Listed below are a few steps you should follow to make it a success:

If your family members or friends have access to the spare remote in your dwelling, hurry up to call them and ask to get the remote. Have you locked your cell-phone in your car as well? Then ask someone to give you a telephone for a few minutes.
Take your telephone and hold it a foot away from your vehicle, while the person on the phone presses the unlock button on the remote. Ask the person your talk to to hold the remote near the cell-phone as well.
Wait for a few seconds and your car will surely unlock!
That’s it! As you see, the technology is quite simple and anyone can take advantage of using it in case of emergency.

Technical Background

You do not need to install any application on your phone or buy any extra devices to make the system work. The secret is about the radio waves that are transmitted to your car via the cell-phone!

There is one important notice, however, you should bear in mind when using this method. To make the system work, you should stay not far from your car. The thing is that many remotes work in the 400-500 feet radius. Some of them, however, may work pretty well in half a mile or more if there are no barriers between the telephone and the remote, and if the weather is nice.

Some keyless entry remotes, by the way, transmit waves that are easily picked up by cell-phones. As far as most remotes transmit signals in the range of 800 MHz and smartphones work in the 300 MHz range, you should keep these items as close as possible to make the system work!

Alternative Breaking in DIY Methods

There are other simple methods you can use to unlock the car in case of emergency. For example, you may take care of this issue in advance by installing a special application on your telephone. Nothing special is required to unlock car with phone app. You just have to install the app and learn how to use it correctly. This allows you replacing your car keys or key fobs, which is really very convenient. By the way, car manufacturers offer numerous applications to match your vehicle, so there are many variants you can choose from.

Another DIY solution to the problem is unlocking a car with a durable string. If you have it at hand, you just have to tie a slipknot, fit it into the doorjamb, slide it down over the car door lock and lift it back up! This is definitely a superb technique that must work in any situation!

Professional Alternatives

Apart from solutions mentioned above, you can always address the Albuquerque Locksmith Service. We use reliable methods and techniques that always ensure the best result. We also employ skilled, experienced and well-trained locksmiths able to work in stressful situations. We also operate round-the-clock, which means that you can count on us 24/7!

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